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Week in Review #7

Two weeks since the last Week in Review? Well, that’s what Inman does to you, I suppose.

Anyway, before we begin, I should mention that I should probably consider joining a blogger’s union. I would come up with some cute slogan or chant, but I’m drawing a blank right now. Oh well, I suppose it’s partly because the Fake Steve Jobs was outed. My week is ruined!

On a brighter note, Craig was interviewed by Marc Brooks. And Apple launched iTunes widgets. But what is all this news compared to Brad Pitt going to jury duty?

Week in Review #6

I can’t believe it’s already Friday — what happened to the rest of the week? Oh well — what does Friday mean? You know it: Oodle’s weekly news roundup! Sure, Google bought a femtocell company, MySpace Mexico launched and Digg launched its Digg Widgets, but what about BandTracker? It’s one of the best music applications on Facebook? Say it ain’t so!

Ah, but the week in Tech news belongs to Microsoft. Not only did Microsoft partner with Digg, but it also began its move away from computers. What’s next?
Then again, what is Microsoft’s news compared to Lindsay Lohan’s? Or Nicole Richie’s? Yep, Lindsay Lohan got arrested again and Nicole Richie was sentenced to four days in jail. All this makes me wonder: what will happen when this celebrity news dies down? What will we do?

Week in Review #5

Ah, Friday. We’ve got the weekend ahead and a week of news behind – what could be better? How about Oodle’s hot Facebook app BandTracker being named one of the top 10 Facebook apps?

Or how about the Dow Jones approving the sale of the Wall Street Journal for $5 billion? Or Facebook’s acquisition of Parakey?

The bulk of the news this week, however, goes to our friend Lindsay Lohan. Sure, Paris is working on a new album, but in one week, LiLo has both left rehab and surrendered to the police for her DUI charge. Talk about life in the fast lane. And here I am thinking about taking a nap.

Week in Review #4

There wasn’t an extraordinarily large amount of news this week, but that doesn’t mean that the news wasn’t interesting. To kick off this week’s Week in Review, let’s head over to Vik, who wrote an awesome post comparing Craigslist alternatives. Oodle landed at #15, and the Oodle-powered Lycos and landed at #9 and #10, respectively. Not too shabby, I’d say.

In the same vein, the always awesome GeekSugar wrote about Listpic, yet another website powered by Oodle. Check it out!

In other news, while Google was busy acquiring Postini for $625 million, Nicole Richie was considering a plea deal in her DUI case, and the L.A. Sheriff’s department is officially launching a Paris review. Of all things literary? Nope. Of Hilton, of course.

But by far the biggest news of the week was… yep, you know what I’m going to say: THE BECKHAMS HAVE LANDED. ‘Nuff said.

Week in Review #3

The news was surging this week despite the fact that there were only four business days. On an Oodle note, we launched Oodle Canada. With 38 metros and 31 universities (and growing), we’re already seeing some strong local traction up in the strange and brilliant land above.
On a different note, Allen Stern over at Center Networks made an awesome video review of Oodle. Check it out!

While we’re in the realm of classifieds, however, one of the biggest stories of this week was that eBay quietly launched Kijiji in the US. As Craig noted below, Kijiji launched on Tuesday to a storm of media coverage, much of which is asking about the future of classifieds, eBay and Craigslist. Donna Bogatin at InsiderChatter did a nice Q&A with Craig, and Peter Krasilovsky from The Kelsey Group and The Local Onliner interviewed Faith about the launch. We’ll definitely be watching this one.

In celebrity (and other important) news, the Wii has officially outsold the PS3, which is pretty awesome considering we just bought a Wii for the office (can you have too much fun?), and Paris Hilton went to Hawaii. Will we be seeing a decline in Paris Hilton news? I sure hope not!

Kijiji and Oodle

On Tuesday July 3rd, eBay quietly launched Kijiji in the US. A number of people have been asking us both what this means for eBay and for Oodle.

In short, we think the launch of Kijiji is good for eBay, good for Oodle, and, most importantly, great for consumers. With Kijiji and other recently launched marketplaces like Facebook, consumers are getting more and more options about where to post free classifieds listings, and choice is almost always a plus when it comes to consumers. Consumers will also benefit as competing marketplaces innovate.

With respect to Oodle, as the number of classifieds marketplaces grows, Oodle becomes more useful to consumers. We love it when major new classifieds sites like Kijiji launch. The market for classified listings is already more fragmented than most realize and this level of fragmentation is increasing.

As for eBay, we believe that launching Kijiji is a good move. Classifieds are core to eBay’s business and Kijiji sites have been very successful abroad. It only makes sense that eBay would want to extend this success to the U.S.

Can Kijiji effectively compete with Craigslist? Over time, certainly, yes. eBay’s got rich assets ranging from technology to business relationships. Should eBay decide to put its full weight behind Kijiji U.S., it should thrive. Besides, since posting listings is free on both Kijiji and Craigslist, there’s nothing to stop consumers from posting on both.

For my Q&A with Donna Bogatin about the launch, check out

Week in Review #2

It was one interesting week in news last week, with big stories aplenty. Not only was Oodle’s awesome new service BandTracker listed among the best Facebook applications, but we learned that Canada’s online ad market will be worth over $2 billion by 2011, which is pretty cool considering the launch of Oodle Canada.

In different news, it looks like Facebook is starting a pattern, as both LinkedIn and MySpace are considering opening their back-ends to programmers in preparation to launch an application platform. And all this not to mention that Gordon Brown officially took over England and, of course, the iPhone launched.

But all this is moot compared to the single solitary most important news story of the week last week. Yes, Paris Hilton was let out of jail (for good this time), and then traveled quickly to Hawaii. What will become now of celebrity news? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Week in Review #1

Welcome to the first installment of Oodle’s ridiculously comprehensive Week in Review. It’s been a pretty interesting week, not only for Oodle but also for the Internet world and, of course, celebrities. So let’s get things started.

Besides the fact that Google and eBay have (finally) made up, the most interesting sector of news comes from our buddy Rupert Murdoch, who is apparently trying to trade MySpace for 25% of Yahoo. Why? We can only guess… but that’s not the half of it: Digg officially has more unique visitors than Facebook, and are eBay and Yahoo going to merge?

But talking about the internet is exhausting. See, I have a theory (Matt’s Law) that in life, everything eventually boils down to one thing: celebrity worship. And so, I figure, why fight it? To start small, Kelly Clarkson canceled her summer tour because of poor ticket sales, and then went on to dish that she has never been in love. Coincidence? Maybe not. Also, Neutrogena is sponsoring, of all people, Lonelygirl15.

But all this celebrity gossip is moot compared to the queen herself, jailbird Paris Hilton. Not only did Paris’ parents spend fathers’ day with her last weekend, but her own neighbors fear her return. Fear. I fear snakes. But I digress, and as we wrap up, I just have to ask: how could people fear someone who has life-changing experiences and intimate conversations with resident saint Ryan Seacrest?

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