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Oodle joins the QVC family

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted on the Oodle blog. We’ve been quietly working on some big changes over the last year. And we’re finally ready to start sharing again…

Last year, we had the good fortune to become profitable and cash flow positive — no small feat and one that we celebrated. But we also recognized that we needed to increase our growth rate. And to do that, we needed to expand our focus and capitalize on everything we’ve learned and built around social commerce.

Today, we take a huge step in that direction. Oodle has just signed a deal to become part of the QVC family. We are thrilled and honored to be a part of their team!

No one understands social shopping better than QVC. They master a shopping experience that is truly a form of entertainment, one that’s built around serendipity and trusted storytelling. With this partnership, we can leverage our team and our social commerce platform to help elevate and evolve their online social shopping experience.

Moving forward, our users will be able to continue to use as their local classifieds marketplace.

We sincerely appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the Oodle team — including Brett Bullington — who helped make this happen.


Cyber Monday and Classifieds

If you’ve been reading the news, shopping online on Cyber Monday reached a record high this year. We noticed here that the shopping extended to the classifieds category: on Oodle, traffic spiked not only for the month but also to a whopping 36% increase in visitors from last year’s Cyber Monday.

So what does this mean? If anything, it’s an indication that during the holidays, people are really starting to utilize the numerous resources the web has to offer. Hopefully one of these days we’ll all be able to sleep in on Black Friday!

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