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Tips for Finding a Job Online

With unemployment numbers up, would you believe there are thousands of jobs up for grabs? If you don’t see that ‘Now Hiring’ sign in business windows, you’ll be surprised at what you can find online at Oodle.

The following are some tips to minimize the time you spend looking and increase the chance that you’ll find hundreds of jobs within a 50-mile radius of your zip code:

  • Search by job title. This will deliver the results that best match your resume qualifications. If you are searching for a job with an uncommon title, consider searching by keyword to reveal the job titles in the left margin. You can also use a wider geographic radius to find the title you are looking for.
  • Change your location. Once you have found (and checked off) all the job titles that you are interested in, move the radius back to your home city/town. To do this change the radius by clicking on the location crumb trail and use the dropdown box, searching from “More Choices.” Now click “Find it!”
  • Set up an alert. Even when there are currently no results on your search. New jobs are posted each day and an alert will let you know about one that matches your requirements, just as soon as it is posted.
  • When you receive an alert with a job you are interested in, click the link which will take you to your original search page with the new listing at the top of the page. The “Details” window will be opened for the new listing. Go to the home page of the listing by clicking the link in the title, or the “See Full Details” link in the “Details” window.
  • Each potential employer has a different method for you to apply for the job. Some sites ask you to send your resume. Others will only take an application through their website application form process. Read the job listing carefully and follow the instructions.
  • If you are just trying to get your foot in the door to a specific company, search under “Companies” for a list of openings. If you do not see the company you are looking for, widen your search to a country-wide radius from your home town/city, and then use “More Choices” under the “Company” options.
  • Finally, when you have found a job and would like to discontinue alert email, simply click the “Unsubscribe” link.

Comcast Expands its Online Marketplace With Oodle Network

We’re excited to share the news that Comcast has joined our partner network. Today, Comcast expanded its online marketplace to include tickets and pets powered by Oodle: Now Comcast users have access to the largest compendium of sports, concerts and theater tickets and events on the web.

We’re thrilled to have been chosen by this industry leader and look forward to helping them extend their vision for a compelling local classifieds service.

The addition of Comcast to Oodle’s partner network of more than 200 leading brands, including Walmart, Facebook, MySpace, and Cox Broadcasting, now gives Oodle access to over 200 million uniques worldwide.

My Interview with Cheezhead’s Joel Cheesman

Last week I spoke to Cheezhead’s Joel Cheesman about everything from our deal with Facebook to the future of online classifieds and the economy.

The podcast went live today on Tune in and share your thoughts: listen now!

Facebook selects Oodle to power its Marketplace

We are thrilled to share the news that Facebook has chosen us to power Marketplace, their application for online classifieds.

Everyone has things they no longer use that they should give away or sell. Posting to a traditional classifieds site involves meeting strangers, which can be uncomfortable. Emailing all your friends is inefficient and potentially annoying.

This agreement gives us a great opportunity to extend our vision for a community marketplace – a new generation of online classifieds where you can buy, sell and pass along items with people you know or people you at least know something about.

In many cases, you simply want to find a good home for items you are no longer using. In these instances, who you are giving to or selling to is more important than selling to them at the highest price. For example, when a person has extra tickets to a concert, they might prefer to give them to a friend or sell them at a discount to a co-worker. Parents often prefer to give toys their children have outgrown to other parents from their school or neighborhood.

We plan to launch Facebook’s Marketplace in Q1 of 2009. They will be great addition to the Oodle Network. This partnership expands our network of online communities, which includes MySpace and

Welcome Oodle India and Oodle Ireland!

In keeping with the international theme, we’re happy to welcome Oodle Ireland and Oodle India to our international family. Ireland and India are two of our most requested countries and we look forward to them enjoying similar success to our UK and Canadian sites.

Going forward, are there other countries in the cards? If so, which ones? Let’s just say that classifieds has a huge audience internationally and it’s our vision to wire the Web for classifieds. So stay tuned!

Oodle and CanWest: Perfect Partners

CanWestToday we’re excited to announce a major partnership with CanWest, Canada’s largest media player. CanWest owns the Global Television Network, is Canada’s largest publisher of English language daily newspapers, and also owns many other television channels, web sites and radio stations all over the world.

This partnership is strategic for both Oodle and CanWest. Powering CanWest’s classifieds will significantly boost Oodle’s Canadian footprint, and we will benefit from the great content CanWest will bring into the Oodle network. CanWest will benefit from Oodle’s top of the line classifieds platform, our expertise in content aggregation, and having a unified classifieds service across all of their papers and properties.

If you want to see the Oodle marketplace in action on CanWest sites, check out the and its regional network, such as Victoria Times Colonist and the Calgary Herald.

Welcome, New Jersey!

New Jersey on Oodle
The Oodle city and state family now includes all 50 states! We recently launched three new metros, all in New Jersey

Thanks to all of you who wrote in requesting that we add Jersey to our database. Go ahead and check out the new metros: Jersey ShoreNewark and Trenton.

Mobile Classifieds? Oh My!

At Oodle, we believe in the phrase “power to the people.” We’re sort of like John Lennon that way. So what do the people like? Mobile phones. In fact, in many countries, there are more mobile phones than people.

As the leading classifieds network and as fans of John Lennon (before the Yoko Ono days or maybe during the Yoko Ono days, after Abbey Road but before “Cold Turkey”) and definitely fans of Gandhi or the Dalai Lama, we asked ourselves “What can we do that will change the world as we know it?” I’m glad we asked.

See, today, we here at the Oodle UK offices began an experiment with the next phase of classifieds – mobile classifieds. We’re launching this service with one of our partners, Magic Radio. The service, which has been developed using technology through Mobiya, allows users to post ads directly into the Oodle network via their mobile phones.

If you live in the UK, all you do is take a picture of your item for sale, describe it, and then text the info to 66121. You’ll get a couple more texts asking for your location and keywords to better describe the ad. And voila – we publish it to the web (and it reaches over 1 million potential monthly buyers in a snap).

The process is both easy and cheap – you’re only charged normal SMS rates to post an ad. If someone replies to your ad, they’re charged .25p. If you get a lead and want to accept it, you’ll be charged .25p. An easy sale for only about .50p.

Try out the service this Friday, and listen to Magic FM for the accompanying advert. Also, check out: for more info.

Listings Want to be Free – Update

In a previous post entitled “Listings Want To Be Free,” I discussed how “up front” pricing and “fixed fees” will soon be business models of the past.

This morning, another key chapter of this story unfolded — eBay announced it is reducing its fee structure on “buy it now” listings

  • Upfront listing fees will be $.35 in September (a 70% decrease).
  • Listings will now be online for 30 instead of 7 days.

While press discussion has largely focused on eBay’s move into fixed pricing from the auction business, what’s more important is their transition to monetizing their business through the back-end transaction fees.

In short, eBay’s model is aggressively moving from a pay-to-publish to a pay-for-performance model. Given that eBay is such a large player in the market, we expect that this move will accelerate how pay per performance models are adopted – not just in merchandise (eBay’s mainstay), but in other listings categories as well.

MySpace and Oodle: Two Weeks Later

Two weeks ago, we re-launched MySpace’s classifieds. The goal for the partnership was to create the best possible classifieds experience for MySpace users – local classifieds from all over the web mixed with the inherently social nature of MySpace. The results and responses from MySpace users have been phenomenal.

Check out some of the Best Of posts from MySpace users.

Looking for some baby fancy rats? Look no further.


Or, if you’re in the mood, you could send this guy $1


Check at all the Best Of posts at Oodle’s MySpace profile. While you’re at it, become our friend!

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