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Listings Want to be Free – Update

In a previous post entitled “Listings Want To Be Free,” I discussed how “up front” pricing and “fixed fees” will soon be business models of the past.

This morning, another key chapter of this story unfolded — eBay announced it is reducing its fee structure on “buy it now” listings

  • Upfront listing fees will be $.35 in September (a 70% decrease).
  • Listings will now be online for 30 instead of 7 days.

While press discussion has largely focused on eBay’s move into fixed pricing from the auction business, what’s more important is their transition to monetizing their business through the back-end transaction fees.

In short, eBay’s model is aggressively moving from a pay-to-publish to a pay-for-performance model. Given that eBay is such a large player in the market, we expect that this move will accelerate how pay per performance models are adopted – not just in merchandise (eBay’s mainstay), but in other listings categories as well.

Oodle and the eBay Strike

ebaylogo1.pngeBay sellers went on strike today, protesting new commission hikes and the nixing of their ability to offer feedback on buyers. So what happens to all of these sellers’ inventories — and often their livelihoods — during the strike (which is set to end February 25th)? An easy alternative would be to post their items on Oodle. For starters, listing on Oodle is free. And when a seller posts on Oodle, the ad also shows up on over 200 sites that are part of the Oodle Network — sites like Lycos, The New York Post, the San Diego Union Tribune, and tons of other local media channels.

So eBay sellers, if you’re looking for another venue to post your ads (and reach millions of buyers), you’ve got one now. Try it out and let us know what you think. We’d love to get your feedback.

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