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Exciting New Features Announced at Today’s f8 Conference!

We are proud to announce that Oodle’s Marketplace is an official Facebook Preferred Developer Partner at the f8 Conference. This year’s f8 is both exciting and significant. Facebook has unveiled new features that will take sharing to a whole new level.

Facebook is a medium of shared conversations. With the new set of open graph features, Facebook is letting applications — both on and off Facebook –  add tons of texture to shared conversations. Rather than just a sparse vocabulary where you “like” a “URL”, sharing can now occur with an open ended array of verbs and objects.

Native Facebook applications (like the Photo album) have always enjoyed a more complex vocabulary to enhance sharing. Now Facebook is leveling the playing field and rolling this out to any application. As such, this is very much a natural evolution to the last two f8s: 2009 enabled apps to leverage your Facebook identity to provide richer experience,  2010 enables apps to fuel simple sharing via “like”, and with 2011 we see full-fledged sharing functionality.

This is great for consumers who get to share and interact with more interesting content. This is great for applications that can foster richer, context specific conversations.

As you might expect, we’re thrilled about fostering commerce related conversations around selling, buying, giving away, recommending and looking for things. More on that shortly!

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