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One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure

Click to enlargeOodle’s Marketplace has always promoted reusing items.  Today we’ve made the process a lot easier.  Along with our partners Recology and Earth911, Oodle is launching freecycling in our Marketplace on Facebook and

Freecycling is a movement to help reduce the flow of waste to landfills by encouraging neighbors to give unwanted but reusable household items to each other instead of throwing them away. Our Marketplace now enables neighbors to join together in a local online community called a FreeCircle where they can offer items to each other, search among available items, or request something specific. And with the Marketplace mobile app, you can photograph an item with your phone and offer it to your neighbors in under a minute.

Oodle is partnering with Recology and Earth911 to promote FreeCircles. Earth911 provides an online directory of recycling centers and will promote FreeCircles on its website and to its nationwide network of recycling managers. Recology, which provides recycling services to residential and commercial customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and over 80 municipalities in the West, will promote freecycling to its customers and will also help administer more than a dozen local FreeCircles.

Save the WorldOodle is initially launching FreeCircles in 25 cities around the San Francisco Bay Area — including Palo Alto, Burlingame, and Mountain View.  Oodle will expand the program in the future to include other cities across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. To find and join your local FreeCircle, go to .  To find out more about FreeCircles, take a tour.

Oodle also introduced tools to help the moderators of existing Freecycle, ReUseIt, FullCircles, Freegle, and other freecycling groups on Yahoo! Groups.  They can now grow their membership using the new “Promote My Group” feature on Marketplace. This functionality publicizes the group’s listings to local Marketplace users, customers of Recology, and users of Earth911’s directory. Promote My Group is free and takes just a few minutes to set up. To find out more about Promote My Group, go to .

We hope that you enjoy using FreeCircles. Together we can be creative, resourceful and economical while making a significant positive impact on the environment!

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