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SMO: The New SEO

For the last 10 years, we’ve been obsessed with search and getting our business and our listings well placed in search results. Times are changing and social media is quickly becoming as important as search in terms of how people discover all sorts of things – including businesses and their listings.

According to Compete, in the month of February, Facebook had more US visitors than Google. But more significantly, Compete reported that Facebook is now driving more traffic than Google to the web’s biggest sites.

A big change is afoot. A new form of discovery is emerging – social discovery. In addition to just searching for information, people are increasingly discovering things through trusted recommendations and referrals — predominately through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Local businesses need to begin to migrate their focus from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is now a reasonably well understood practice to SMO (Social Media Optimization), something we’re just beginning to wrap our heads around.

In the world of search, a local business needed to do three things:

1. Establish a solid online presence by building a good web site
2. Ensure that people could discover the website through search (SEO)
3. Raise the visibility of the site by promotion through advertising and by syndicating their listings to places with good traffic

While the tactics with social media are different, the steps are very similar:

1. Establish a professional presence by building a professional Facebook Page and a professional Twitter profile –and then linking them together
2. Recruit a base of fans and followers (this will be the future of direct marketing)
3. Increase their visibility within their community by sharing information and participating in conversations

In addition to generating leads, Oodle Pro helps small businesses (real estate agents, car dealers, property managers) build SMO through their listings:

1. Enhances their professional presence by adding listings to their Facebook Page (see screenshot below)

2. Allows them to discovered by people they don’t know by linking their Facebook Page and Twitter Profile to their listings — – and promoting those listings in Oodle, the Facebook Marketplace and the rest of the Oodle Network (see screenshot below)

3. And gets people talking about their listings – which generates word-of-mouth referrals (see screenshot below)

Interested in learning more about Oodle Pro? Check us out here.

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