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“Give it Away” for Earth Day

We all know that by sharing, reusing and giving our stuff away, we can curb the purchase of new items and the disposal of old ones. Sites like and allow you to give away your stuff online locally. Facebook Marketplace also allows you to give things away, but with the added benefit of knowing something about who will be arriving at your curb — or door. Whether you choose to give items away to your friends, friends of friends or to the larger Facebook community, a little bit of information about the recipient can be a reassuring thing.

I have used Facebook Marketplace to give away everything from my son’s carpet to a kitchen butcher block. In addition to feeling good about recycling my old stuff, it’s also nice to hear how the items have been thoroughly enjoyed from those that received them. This Earth Day, I’m giving away a white book case.

If you don’t have anything to give away, think about searching for it used before buying new. Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to search for items by category — from baby gear to autos. You can see what your friends, as well as friends of friends are giving away, giving you that same comfort of knowing who will be answering the door.

Happy Earth Day 2010.

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