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Webinar: “You Have a Facebook Page, Now What?!?”

Thank you to all who attended last week’s webinar, “You Have a Facebook Page, Now What?” In case you missed it , you can view it here.

As promised, we’re also sharing the questions that were asked at the end (as well as our answers):

Q: My followers do not want to know who my sister had lunch with today. How do I prevent this from happening?

A: To avoid this, we recommend setting up a Professional Page on Facebook and having your professional contacts fan that page. This way your fans will only see your professional updates.

Q: Do you recommend completely abandoning SEO search strategies?

A: Absolutely not. It is important to focus on SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEO. It isn’t likely that Google will be displaced by another search engine, nor will it be displaced by search on Facebook. The two are very complementary to one another. People are going to search for information and they are going to use Facebook to solicit trusted opinions and recommendations. It is important to have a presence on both. It is also important to understand SMO and continue to invest in it.

Q: Can you have multiple pages for multiple companies linked through one Facebook account?

A: Facebook only allows you to set up one account and through that you can create as many Professional Pages as you need.

Q: Are Pages the same as fan Pages?

A: Yes.

Q: Do my status updates on my Facebook Page show up to my fans?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: As a young agent, I feel like most agents and brokers greatly lag behind the social media movement. How do you recommend selling this idea and concept to the technologically cautious and afraid?

A: Encourage them to use social media on a personal level.

Q: You talked about setting up a professional Facebook Page.  How do I do that?

A: To create a Professional Page on Facebook go here. To have all of your listings show up on Facebook Marketplace, you will need to sign up for an Oodle Pro account.

Q: What are the different levels of support for Oodle Pro?

A: Oodle Pro offers three packages, which are determined by the number of listings you have. All three packages offer the same product functionality, but with the ability to have a different number of listings at a time : Silver offers up to ten listings at $25/month, Gold offers up to 50 listings at $99/month and Platinum offers up to 200 listings at $349/month. All plans offer the same level of support.

Q: Do I need to have two different Facebook accounts?

A: You just need one Facebook account. From that account you can create a “professional page” that is separate from your personal one. To do this, go here.

Q: Is Oodle Pro only for real estate professionals?

A: Oodle Pro for Real Estate is designed for real estate professionals. We also offer solutions for other business needs. Click here to learn more about our other solutions.

Q: How does video fit into this marketing platform?

A: Video is very complementary to social media and a great addition to your Page(s). It is another way to share about your business and your listings.

A: How will I know if I’m being successful in my social media efforts?

Q: Being successful with social media should be measured by more than just leads. Here are a few success metrics for determining your social media impact: number of followers, fans, engaged users who are commenting on your status updates and listings, as well as number of inquiries about your listings. It is important to pay attention to how people are responding to what you are sharing, as well as what they are sharing from your posts. Additionally, Oodle Pro offers the ability to track your ROI, comments and shouts, which makes it easy to monitor your customer’s social interactions.

Feel free to share ideas on topics you’d like to see next — and stay tuned for upcoming webinar dates.

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