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Introducing Oodle Pro for Local Advertisers, Bringing AdWords Sensibility (simple but powerful) to Classifieds

We’re excited to launch Oodle Pro, our self-service platform for local classifieds advertisers: real estate agents & brokers, property managers, car dealers, and employers. We believe the future of local advertising is simple, cost-effective and social. Oodle Pro delivers on all three.

Simple.  Many local advertisers have become comfortable using self-service online tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for display advertising. They are also using Craigslist to promote their listings which requires a lot of time and effort. Oodle Pro provides a simple, self-service platform for local advertisers to get more exposure for their listings across the hundreds of sites in the Oodle Network.

Cost-effective. In today’s difficult times, local advertisers are looking for great value. Oodle Pro will initially be available for real estate agents and is priced at $15/month – a price point justified in time savings alone. Oodle Pro for Brokers, Property Managers, Car Dealers, and Employers will be rolling out in the coming months.

Social. It’s critical to help local advertisers harness the potential of social media. Word-of-mouth is a local advertiser’s number one form of marketing. And when done well, social media is very effective at amplifying word-of-mouth referrals. Unfortunately, it’s pretty confusing and time consuming to figure out. We’ve built tools to make it easy — and we’re just getting started.

Oodle Pro offers:

A simple, powerful platform for promoting listings online

  • Tools to automatically upload listings (rather than type them in by hand)
  • Reports activity happening around your listings: how many times listings are viewed, responded to, shared or commented upon
  • Listings automatically distributed across Oodle’s network of over 200 sites including, Facebook Marketplace, Classifieds on MySpace, AOL Classifieds, etc. as well as on GoogleBase.

The ability to easily harness the power of social media

  • Listings are promoted within the classifieds marketplaces on Facebook & MySpace (powered by Oodle) where they are seen by the entire community, not just friends.
  • Profiles are directly tied to the listings, enabling local advertisers to promote both their brand and their listings.
  • Listings are automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter providing added visibility. As consumers share and discuss listings with their friends, they gain valuable viral exposure.
  • Social identity is also leveraged outside of the social networks. Listings on Oodle are tied to all their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
  • Facebook Pages and MySpace Profiles can automatically be enhanced to showcase listings.



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  4. December 1st, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Marsha Mitchell says:

    I would love to talk to an actual person about this new feature. Cannot find a phone number anywhere on the site. I am the Technology Coach for a large firm here in Houston. Please have someone contact me

  5. January 19th, 2010 at 6:54 am

    Rick says:

    I noticed this Pro is for Real Estate and there is a reference to a new package coming soon for Property Managers. We are in the Apartment Property Management business and request to be immediately contacted when the Property Management Version is Available.

    We are excited to see and use this new version coming soon.

    Thank You.

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