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Prompting Conversations Around Classifieds

Since we launched Facebook Marketplace back in March, we’ve been learning a lot about how users share and discuss listings. Today we rolled-out shouts, a new feature which make listings even more conversational.

Historically, conversations around published content lives within the comments section. This enables the author and the people looking at the content to engage in a discussion.

Social classifieds, however, offer people the opportunity to talk to their friends about listings they find in the Facebook Marketplace or in their newsfeed. Shouts support these conversations by prompting users to ask questions, share witty or helpful comments or to poll their friends with a question.

For instance, let’s say I’m looking for a new apartment. I may see one that I love and ask my friends, “Great deal?” or “Is this a good neighborhood?” and my friends could easily share their feedback such as, “I would totally live there!”

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