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Searching for a Green Father’s Day Gift? Consider Online Classifieds

If the dad in your life expects more than a handmade card for Father’s Day (June 21), consider shopping online classifieds sites. In addition to finding one-of-a-kind gifts, gently-used is a greener alternative to purchasing new. Best of all, shopping slightly-used keeps extra dollars in your pocketbook.

Here are a couple of nifty green Father’s Day finds:

1) A classic or audio book: I found more than 465,000 used books on Oodle, including The Davinci Project at a bargain price $6.00.

2) A handmade wallet or accessory: I found this Tyvek wallet, which is made out of old coffee bags ($22.00), also perusing on Oodle.

3) Sports, theater or other event: Tickets to a baseball game or other event are a real treat. Even better — opt for two so that the event includes your time. I found a Burning Man Ticket for sale on the Facebook Marketplace ($260).

4) Alternative transportation: If the dad in your life is in need of new wheels to make emission-free transportation an option, consider roller skates, a scooter or a bike. I found a gently-used Trek bike on MySpace Classifieds ($125)

5) If the dad in your life prefers indoor sports, consider a gift that the entire family can enjoy: I found a gently-used pool table on MySpace Classifieds for $350. (And if you have a salt water tank, the seller mentions that she’ll trade you.)

Online classifieds is not only a greener way to shop, it’s also a lot of fun. Happy browsing.

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  1. June 15th, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    Chrissy says:

    If your dad is a sports fan like mine, then I would totally recommend Kyle Garlett’s book, “What Were They Thinking? The Brainless Blunders that Changed Sports History”
    I really enjoyed his previous book, The Worst Call Ever, and I think this would be a great Father’s Day Gift.
    My father in law loves sports and he shall receive this next weekend!
    Hope you find your perfect and affordable gift for dad !

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