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Creative Craftspeople Use Social Classifieds For Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Since the Facebook Marketplace launched in March, I’ve seen a lot of clever ways that users have leveraged the social graph for word-of-mouth marketing. Whether it’s a an agent selling a piece of real estate or a college student looking to fill a sublet, individuals have found that posting a social classified is a powerful tool to quickly get the word out.

Recently, I’ve also noticed a growing number of artists and designers who have been using the Marketplace to generate awareness to their one-of-a-kind creations, including personalized art and custom-made accessories. For instance, a woman in Tennesse is selling custom-made portraits as a unique Father’s Day gift. That’s a sound marketing strategy. Another woman in New York is selling hand-made clips and bands that can be made to match little girls’ clothes. Also, a very strong selling proposition.

In addition to being able to post these listings for free, there is another more compelling reason why using Facebook Marketplace makes a lot of sense for home-based businesses: Social classifieds allow you to share listings with friends, who can in turn, spread the word. And because you can explain why you are posting your listing, you can encourage your network to support these home-grown businesses, which as one woman in Georgia explains why she is posting the designer’s little girl outfits , “to help my friend start her business.”

Whether selling customized scrapbooks or Swarovski crystal-adorned sneakers, I think we’ll continue to see more and more ways creative users will find clever uses of the Marketplace to grow their businesses.

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