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Embracing the Social Web

In 2004, I attended my first Inman Real Estate Connect, a wonderful conference that brings together thought leaders in the real estate industry. I remember being surprised to hear so much debate about search and whether it was a good thing for search engines to index their listings that were historically locked in MLS systems. With each passing year, however, the conversation shifted a bit further. The initial reluctance had turned into a feverish desire to embrace the “Google Web” through SEO, SEM and online lead generation.

Fast forward to a little over a month ago when I attended the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference, a venue that brings together thought leaders in the rentals industry. I was
surprised to see how the conversation had moved beyond maximizing your presence on the Google Web. Instead, it seemed that the big topic was how to best tap the opportunity of social media – and embrace the “Social Web.” Dan McCarthy of NCI (a large media company in the real estate and rentals categories) explains this enthusiasm well on his Viral Housing Fix blog.

Not only is the shift towards social media by local advertisers (real estate agents, property managers, car dealers, etc.) well underway, but I expect this
transition will happen much more quickly than it did with search. The benefits of social media are more intuitively obvious to this crowd. Local advertisers have
long known that their best form of advertising is word-of-mouth marketing.
The Social Web presents an amazing opportunity to drive word-of-mouth

It’s critical that local advertisers quickly figure out how to:
1) get their listings into social environments;
2) get people talking about their listings;
3) figure out how to participate in the conversation.

Needless to say, we’re excited to help local advertisers successfully navigate this journey.

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