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Practical Advice for the Class of 2009: How to pass along the lava lamp

Graduation is right around the corner — the time of year when every college senior looks forward to passing along the lava lamp or hand-me-down futon to an underclassman. Now, new online marketplaces make it easier than ever to clean out your campus apartment or dorm so you can prepare for a fresh, off-campus lifestyle. Following are three sure-fire ways to pass along your old stuff, while maybe even making a few bucks in the process:

Social Network Marketplaces: Facebook Marketplace and MySpace Classifieds allow you to sell (or give away) your residence hall furniture to people you know – or know something about. Post your listing and take advantage of status updates. You can even designate groups to get the word out. Because user profiles are attached to each listing, you get a better understanding of who you’re selling to, trading with or buying from. These features also make social classifieds a safer environment.

College Classifieds Pages: Oodle recently re-launched College Classifieds, which allow you to post a listing for free to one of hundreds of college classifieds pages nationwide. Whether you’re trying to sell a couch – or find one for your summer rental, using the college classifieds pages allow you to search and post locally.

Create an Offline “Free Store”: Prefer to pass along your stuff offline? Designate a space in your residence hall, apartment building or sorority/fraternity house where, over the course of a few weeks, roommates and neighbors can contribute their used stuff, rummage through the pile and take out what they want.  Remaining items can be donated to charity.

Congratulations class of 2009!

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