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Five C’s of Why I Love My Job (and why you should apply for a job at Oodle)

I was recently interviewed by Best Job Ever about why I love my what I do:

Thinking about applying for a job here at Oodle? (Because we’re hiring!) Following are the top “Five Reasons Why I Love my Job at Oodle”

  1. Classifieds are Cool – Oodle is building the next-generation of classifieds, which leverage the social graphs of Facebook and MySpace, creating an entirely new way for people to buy and sell their stuff.
  2. Creative and Collaborative Environment – As a product manager, I get to outline the product vision for Oodle and define the product features that will make our site loved and used by millions of users. Ideas, however, come from everywhere — from users, from our partners, from marketing and engineers. My job is to take those ideas and work with a really smart and innovative team to turn them into reality. We work in a very agile driven environment where product works collaboratively with engineering to get an idea turned into reality in just a couple of weeks.
  3. Customer-focused Product – I feel very fortunate to be able to work on product that has impact. How cool is it that you can launch a product and get immediate feedback from users? On the morning that we launched Facebook Marketplace, we had over 500 new postings within the first hour — many were made by international users who came to check out the new site. At the end of the day, we had over 1000 responses to our survey from users giving us feedback. Over the weekend, we had a number of users writing in telling us how much they loved the new service. In fact, one user found their dream poodle on Oodle and said they are telling all their friends to check out Oodle!
  4. Company Culture – I love how the employees of Oodle really drive the company culture at Oodle. We have Teaching Tuesdays where anybody at Oodle can teach something that they know a lot about, e.g. how to Salsa, Yoga, play poker, even do your taxes. We have Foodle every Friday, where everyone brings in a potluck dish to share. We celebrate monthly birthdays. We have annual traditions such as cook-offs, camping trips, ski trips — all ideas initiated by someone at the company. While we work hard, Oodle is very family oriented and friendly, which is key to having a work/life balance.
  5. CEO – Craig Donato, Oodle’s CEO, is just about the friendliest and happiest CEO you will ever meet. In addition to be being a visionary and innovative leader, he has a passion and energy that is infectious and inspires us all. Have I persuaded you to apply for a job here? Send your resume to

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