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Check out a new feature on Oodle – Oodle Insights

Shopping with classifieds can be a long and tedious process … there’s a lot to figure out. How much should something cost? How often do deals like this pop up? Is this a scam?

With one click and without leaving the site, users can now quickly get answers to all these questions as they look at listings on Oodle.

For example with this listing we see that it a well priced deal that doesn’t come along every day. Time to jump on this one!

Real Estate
And here is an example of an expanded Autos listing:

This one looks to good to be true and it might be. Note that Oodle has marked this listing as suspicious. Although Oodle can’t definitively say it’s a fraud, algorithms have flagged this because it resembles other listings that have proven to be fraudulent.

This is a new feature and we’re just getting started with it. Tell us what you think or what other information you’d like to see.

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