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We’ll be blogging live for the next few days about things we find interesting from the Inman Real Estate Connect show. Appropriate perhaps that our first post is on blogging… In real estate, blogging is no longer simply a fun playground for Technorati, it’s an industry. As testament to this, Inman dedicated a section of this year’s San Francisco conference to blogging and blog networking. Last night, two beer bashes hosted by Trulia and Zillow, were packed with hundreds of real estate bloggers. Whereas three years ago, most people did not even what blogging was, yesterday Realtors were proudly boasting information about their respective blogs, quoting numbers about monthly unique visitors and one woman even sported a t-shirt with the URL for her blog proudly plastered across the front. Now that’s marketing!

So, why all the fuss? It’s about the eyeballs. Real estate professionals ranging from realtors to staging folks are leveraging blogs to market their wares. In short, they’re finding that blogs drive qualified leads. As Sheldon Johnston a blogger/Realtor from Edmunton shared, “I had a guy send me a contract saying that he wanted us to represent him. I said- what a sec’- I don’t know much about your property and if we’re the right people. He responded- no that’s cool. I know what you do. I’ve seen your blog.” Here’s some examples of the fun blogs and bloggers, of we met yesterday:

Rain City Guide, Dustin Luther: All things real estate, Seattle,

Get Staged to Sell, Nickie, Staging Company, Los Angeles

Edmunton Real Estate, Sheldom Johnston & Sara MacLennan,

It’s great to see so much momentum around blogging!

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