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Week in Review #6

I can’t believe it’s already Friday — what happened to the rest of the week? Oh well — what does Friday mean? You know it: Oodle’s weekly news roundup! Sure, Google bought a femtocell company, MySpace Mexico launched and Digg launched its Digg Widgets, but what about BandTracker? It’s one of the best music applications on Facebook? Say it ain’t so!

Ah, but the week in Tech news belongs to Microsoft. Not only did Microsoft partner with Digg, but it also began its move away from computers. What’s next?
Then again, what is Microsoft’s news compared to Lindsay Lohan’s? Or Nicole Richie’s? Yep, Lindsay Lohan got arrested again and Nicole Richie was sentenced to four days in jail. All this makes me wonder: what will happen when this celebrity news dies down? What will we do?

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