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Week in Review #1

Welcome to the first installment of Oodle’s ridiculously comprehensive Week in Review. It’s been a pretty interesting week, not only for Oodle but also for the Internet world and, of course, celebrities. So let’s get things started.

Besides the fact that Google and eBay have (finally) made up, the most interesting sector of news comes from our buddy Rupert Murdoch, who is apparently trying to trade MySpace for 25% of Yahoo. Why? We can only guess… but that’s not the half of it: Digg officially has more unique visitors than Facebook, and are eBay and Yahoo going to merge?

But talking about the internet is exhausting. See, I have a theory (Matt’s Law) that in life, everything eventually boils down to one thing: celebrity worship. And so, I figure, why fight it? To start small, Kelly Clarkson canceled her summer tour because of poor ticket sales, and then went on to dish that she has never been in love. Coincidence? Maybe not. Also, Neutrogena is sponsoring, of all people, Lonelygirl15.

But all this celebrity gossip is moot compared to the queen herself, jailbird Paris Hilton. Not only did Paris’ parents spend fathers’ day with her last weekend, but her own neighbors fear her return. Fear. I fear snakes. But I digress, and as we wrap up, I just have to ask: how could people fear someone who has life-changing experiences and intimate conversations with resident saint Ryan Seacrest?

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