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Oodle BandTracker Rocks Out to Sugar & Gold

On Friday night, Oodle’s BandTracker team hauled a couple of computers over to hot San Francisco venue 12 Galaxies, to sponsor and show off the BandTracker beta product at the Sugar & Gold record release party. Over 300 people were in attendance, enjoying the music from fine bands Sugar & Gold, who celebrated the release of their new album “Crème” on Antenna Farm Records, and cuties Persephone’s Bees, as well as taking a gander at the beta version of BandTracker.

Feedback from bands and fans alike was that BandTracker is a service “that definitely fills a gap.” The wonder of emails directly to them with a list of upcoming shows in their area was much appreciated. Bands and managers wanted in on the action.

Included are a few pictures of the event. Other San Francisco Illuminati included Frank, the guy who walks around the financial district of San Francisco with the 12 Galaxies sign, and the co-founders of Popscene, Eric Shea and DJ Omar, who heartily endorse any technology that helps bands.

Why Oodle and BandTracker you ask? It’s a perfect fit…have you seen the huge amount of tickets we have listed?

Cheers and see you all around the city soon.




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