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Finding a Date

Today we added Personals to Oodle…

In addition to expanding Oodle Search, we introduced a couple of new features into the Personals product. First, we added a simple way for you to keep track of what listings you liked (just click on the hearts next to a listing). Every time you come back, you can click on the My Ratings link to see what you’ve marked. This will hopefully make it easier to see what dating sites you should join. You can also see how how your ratings compare with others.

Second, we introduced a “picture cube” on the personal home page for those users that want to cruise through pictures…

These sames features were rolled into Oodle Pets

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  1. December 12th, 2006 at 12:16 am

    Emergence Media says:

    Oodle Rolls out Personal Search

    Introduction: Oodle Rolls out Personal Search
    Last week, Oodle launched its personals search service, extending its role as a classifieds listings vertical search tool which currently covers everything from job to real estate listing.
    Personals is a b…

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