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Catching Up — Oodle UK and some partnerships

It’s been a  few months since my last post.  Apologies to everyone that reads this blog.  I’m back in the saddle and resume posting on a more regular basis.

Much has happened in the last few months.  Probably the biggest news is the launch of Oodle UK.  Why the UK?   It’s probably one of the most dynamic markets for online classifieds.   The major media companies all compete aggressively online with vertical classified sites.  These companies are also investing in sites targeting niche verticals (probably the  fasting growing segment in the US).  The free classifieds model has also been around for sometime and is definitely not a one-man-show (Loot, ExchangeAndMart, Gumtree, etc.).

We’ve also been busy with with various partners.  We just launched our first UK partnership with The Sun, the most popular daily newspaper in the UK.   We’re powering the search for their classifieds marketplace.  About a month ago, we launched a similar deal with the Washington Post’s free daily newspapers Express.

Partners hav also been rolling out more implementations of the Oodle API such as The Examiner.  As always, anyone interested in looking at the API or classifieds search for their site should contact me.

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